“It´s not what happens to you that matters,
but how you react to it”.


My Principles

Confidence is the honest belief that you’re highly capable of helping others. Arrogance is the honest belief you have nothing more to learn yourself. It’s a fine line. Learning and helping through-about-for high performance strategies is an ongoing process. (Go to «Read more» below)

Strategic Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Everyone has a tremendous potential and I provide the tools to move organizations forward through dramatic strategic change. I do not believe in conventional procedures, I know that any approach that touches the human soul has a deeper impact in results.

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Fees and General Policy

Prior to any project, we need to establish a relationship of mutual trust and credibility. I consider this crucial. Without a sheer feeling of trust I will not accept any kind of work. Therefore, as a matter of credibility and professional rigor, my fees will always be based on the value created for the customer. I do not base my fees on time or activities since results are the key issue (plus time or activity based fees are not “quite ethical” since they can focus efforts on inputs and not outputs).

As a natural consequence of the above, I will always need to talk and reach an agreement with the ultimate person in charge of the matter, who needs to have decision power. I do value and respect all level professionals but, due to the delicate nature of my work, this is, based on my experience, a basic requirement for success.

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