“Our task is not to forsee the
future, but to make it happen”.

Antoine de Saint Exupery

Strategic Advisory Services

Do you think your organization has the potential to be one of the few that successfully designs and implements strategic success in the short, medium and long term?

Do you think your organization could achieve the incredible results you envision?

Do you think that you, as a top manager, can reach the most of your potential?

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Strategic Speaking Events

The world is an increasingly complex place. To make sense of what is happening and to anticipate the challenges of the future, an intelligent organization needs to provide its teams with the tools and the inspiration to stay ahead of the curve. I can offer a variety of topics on strategic innovation, internationalization, leadership, corporate entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, failure, treason and envy in organizations, moral courage and moral clarity, emerging global markets and their strategic consequences, China and strategy and its repercussions, strategic skills, etc

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Strategic Coaching

All courses have been taught and refined several times and have demonstrated tangible results. All of them have a very practical hands-on methodology and can be customized in content and duration (even modularization) to any specific audience. They are based in the best, totally updated materials available world-wide.

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