“Our task is not to forsee the
future, but to make it happen”.

Antoine de Saint Exupery

Strategic Speaking Events

The world is an increasingly complex place. To make sense of what is happening and to anticipate the challenges of the future, an intelligent organization needs to provide its teams with the tools and the inspiration to stay ahead of the curve. I can offer a variety of topics on strategic innovation, internationalization, leadership, corporate entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, failure, treason and envy in organizations, moral courage and moral clarity, emerging global markets and their strategic consequences, China and strategy and its repercussions, strategic skills, etc. All these topics are founded on over 25 years of experience and cutting edge research. All of them have been discussed and analyzed internationally and have proven to help and inspire top managers from corporations around the world. All of them, finally, are part of a truly holistic strategic approach.

These speaking events provide insightful and relevant ways of thinking for real results. I approach speaking events in a different way than a regular keynote speaker. My preparation takes into account exclusive relevant information to the client’s organization. I always make speaking sessions highly interactive experiences, engaging the audience with different materials such as visuals, videos and other media to connect how companies fail and succeed. Another possibility, depending on the specific needs, is to make these sessions open to discussion. The very purpose of these sessions is to leave the audience inspired enough so they can start behaving in a different way. These events, in the context of strategic innovation, can constitute stepping stones for a deep strategic reflection. They spark, therefore, action, results and change.

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