“Our task is not to forsee the
future, but to make it happen”.

Antoine de Saint Exupery

Strategic Coaching

All my approaches to strategic coaching and strategic education have been taught, coached and refined for many years and have demonstrated tangible results. All of them have a very practical hands-on methodology and can be customized in content and duration (even modularization) to any specific audience. They are based in the best, totally updated materials and coaching skills available world-wide.

I can develop strategic coaching and teaching in English or Spanish.

Some of the topics are:

  • Strategic Management (both Competitive and Corporate Strategy). For instance: Environmental Analysis, Differentiation, Cost Leadership, Resources and Capabilities, Competitive Dynamics, Diversification, Internationalization, Value Generation, High Performance Business Models, etc.
  • Management of the Multinational Corporation
  • Entrepreneurship, Corporate Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Top Impact Business Plans
  • Revolutionary Strategies for Transformational Impact
  • Boosting Profits: Growth, Speed and Learning
  • Global Business Strategy: China
  • Winning in Emerging Markets: Strategic Road Maps
  • Radical Value Creation: The key Capability of the Future you Need Today
  • International Family Business Strategic Leadership: East and West. A Global Perspective

Please, contact me for really customized strategic coaching and courses.

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