“Our task is not to forsee the
future, but to make it happen”.

Antoine de Saint Exupery

Strategic Advisory Services

Do you think your organization has the potential to be one of the few that successfully designs and implements strategic success in the short, medium and long term?

Do you think your organization could achieve the incredible results you envision?

Do you think that you, as a top manager, can reach the most of your potential?

I can help ensure that the results of your strategy become a reality. I can help you get those results faster and in a bold and, at the same time, safer way. My approach to strategy equips leaders and top managers with a battle tested process that ignites the mindset, motivation and skills necessary to shape and implement a thorough strategic transformation. My process makes possible that your strategy produces measurable and sustainable results.

Strategic Impact is Crucial

This is all about tangible business impact. My strategic process engages people to yield proven results.

It is a crucial part of the strategic process to generate results. My approach links strategy directly with results. I can guide and assist you to set strategic metrics and then track and analyze the tangible evidence of strategic impact.

Strategy and Leadership

You need to apply something different. My holistic approach is really unique.

Strategic Innovation and Leadership, these two concepts form the basis of my strategic approach. I know very well – both from my research and practical experience – that it is crucial to find a proper balance between leadership and management, rigorous proven knowledge and practice, head and heart. It is particularly relevant being able to create an environment in which people want to proactively participate. This very special and challenging combination is key to generating the momentum required for your strategy to succeed.

Both of us together generate the capability for you to do it on your own. Unlike management consulting agencies, I start with this clear idea in mind. I help you build strategic capabilities and skills within your organization so that you lead the strategic transformational change after I leave.

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