“He that is too secure
is not safe”.

Thomas Fuller

New Enrique Cortés Capital Business Radio interview

Enrique Cortés, strategic thinker and advisor, is the expert for TopTen Management Spain who speaks this week on the program Afterwork from Capital Radio. During the interview, Enrique talks with Eduardo Castillo about his experience on research in some of the most prestigious institutions in the world (Harvard, MIT Sloan Business School, Columbia, IESE, London Business School, IE…), some of Harvard’s approaches that inspire the business world and their particular strategy, the advantages they provide…

Cortés highlights Harvard’s innovative strategies or the Strategic Intuition that Columbia can provide; for the expert in strategy those are the places to find inspiration and where both knowledge and wisdom are created. He states those are some key aspects that provide the competitive advantage that organisations are looking for.

Enrique commented on the imminent publication of his book: “Los desafíos estratégicos del éxito. Para personas y organizaciones inteligentes. Una perspectiva desde Harvard”. In his book we will be able to learn and nourish from his experience during his research.

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