"The trouble with our time is that the
future is not what it used to be“.

Paul Valery

My Vision


People and organizations benefiting from rigorous & bold strategy.


To provide guidance, inspiration and education to top managers helping them to become outstanding leaders, for the present and the future, able to strategically transform their organizations to get extraordinary results out of their resources.

Superior Strategy

Based on over 25 years of management experience, thorough strategic research and teaching, nationally and internationally, Enrique significantly helps top managers to tackle the complex challenges of today and tomorrow. He guides leaders to make sense of what is happening and assists them to anticipate what the future has in store to create sustainable, sound, profitable and creative organizations.

Based in Madrid, he has extensively researched not only those factors that make corporations succeed but also those key factors that make them fail. He has analyzed, studied and thoroughly discussed (based not only on his own experience but also on very intimate conversations, working sessions and private meetings) failure with top management leaders of corporations across different countries and sectors, as well as widely recognized professors at several of the best academic institutions of the world such as Harvard, MIT, Columbia, London Business School, IE or IESE. As a result, his unique methodology and approach to strategy (winningfirststrategies.com) put a special interest in

a holistic process of identifying not only key success factors but also key failure factors and how to manage them. This is a very bold-rigorous-effective approach since, as all of us know, people tend to talk about success but not about failure. There is much to learn from failure and its challenges.

Combining cutting-edge strategic knowledge, experience, materials and rigor, he goes alongside his customers providing them with thought-action provoking ideas and battle tested practical methodologies to achieve more growth, results, personal satisfaction and new opportunities.

Confidentiality is crucial to work effectively. He is absolutely discrete and reserved holding immaculate ethical standards. He never ever talks about his customers and their matters or reveals any kind of details or information. He only accepts a very few and qualified number of customers and provides a fully personalized attention to them.

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