“It´s not what happens to you that matters,
but how you react to it”.


My Principles

Confidence is the honest belief that you’re highly capable of helping others. Arrogance is the honest belief you have nothing more to learn yourself. It’s a fine line. Learning and helping through-about-for high performance strategies is an ongoing process.

Strategic Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Everyone have a tremendous potential and I provide the tools to move ahead organizations through dramatic strategic change. I do not believe in conventional procedures, I know that any approach that touches the human soul has a deeper impact in results.


I always go beyond conventional observations and simplistic conclusions that often lag the market. I focus on challenging, high stakes and novel tasks.


I listen carefully, but I’m unafraid of challenging conventional wisdom to get to the heart of the matter. This approach to strategically thinking often changes the underlying assumptions clients have about their organizations and marketplace.


I do concentrate in results and not in processes. I work without wasted efforts and I do personally the job. I do not use other people, professionals or any other kind of intermediaries. This is truly personal commitment.

Knowledge and Expertise

I specially care about using the latest state of the art knowledge, research and theory from a pragmatic point of view. I’m permanently in touch with the best world class business schools so the most cutting-edge global business wisdom can be applied locally, directly and professionally.

Advise at Work

I don´t leave you with a “vision” of the future. I offer a plan to succeed and I work with you to build consensus among diverse groups to take decisive action. I do not produce unnecessary reports-documents, I rather your organization to develop them under my strict supervision for value generation. Therefore, you will not look at fees as expenses but as highly profitable investments. This is a key part of my approach to wealth generation for any professional or organization.

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