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The goals of the Profit booster lab

Goal 1

Mastering the practices, facts, frameworks and theories that make up the core understanding of how sustainable profits are made and can be boosted.

  • Understand the limits of desires, intentions, markets and models when dealing with profits
  • Developing thinking skills towards profits: critical thinking, integrative thinking
  • Developing and articulating logical, coherent, and persuasive strategic arguments
  • Marshalling supporting evidence
  • Distinguishing fact from opinion
  • Honing profit strategic integration skills
  • Thinking about issues from diverse, shifting angles to frame profit problems holistically
  • Learning to make strategic decisions based on multiple, often conflicting, functional perspectives
  • Building judgment and intuition into messy, unstructured situations

Goal 2

Mastering the skills, capabilities and techniques that lie at the heart of healthy profit generation

  • Thinking creatively and innovatively when dealing with profits
  • Finding and framing profit problems
  • Collecting, synthesizing, and distilling large volumes of profit related ambiguous data
  • Engaging in generative and lateral thinking
  • Constantly experimenting and learning
  • Recognizing organizational realities and overcoming profit boosting implementation challenges
  • Influencing others and getting “profit things” done in the context of hidden agendas, unwritten rules, political coalitions, and competing points of view
  • Enhancing capacity to find, define, analyze, and solve profit problems from a multidisciplinary perspective
  • Strengthening profit-driven project management skills
  • Adapting theories and frameworks to particular profit-driven contexts and problems

Goal 3

Mastering the values, attitudes and beliefs that form outstanding Top Managers’ core character

  • Analyze the role and responsibility of profits in business and society
  • Pay greater attention to personal and professional development
  • Understanding how to motivate and connect with a full range of people in a high performance environment
  • Developing profit leadership skills
  • Understanding the purpose of organizations and the responsibilities of leadership towards profits
  • Developing alternative approaches to inspiring, influencing, and guiding others towards profit goals
  • Recognizing the impact of one’s actions and behaviors on the overall profits of any organization
  • Building awareness of personal strengths, weaknesses and values towards profit generation

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