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Based on over 25 years of management experience, thorough strategic research and teaching, nationally and internationally, I significantly help top managers to tackle the complex challenges of today and tomorrow. Read more [+]

Strategic Advisory Services

Do you think your organization has the potential to be one of the few that successfully designs and implements strategic success in the short, medium and long term?

Do you think your organization could achieve the incredible results you envision?

Do you think that you, as a top manager, can reach the most of your potential?

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What is
The Profit Booster Lab?

“The Profit Booster Lab is a Top Management Strategic Tool I developed at Harvard that, through strategy, provides the mechanisms not only to improve profits in a dramatic way (between 50% and 100% in three years) but also to transform organizations into outstanding constant happy profit seekers”

Enrique Cortés, Ph.D

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